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I am an Android Developer for Truist Financial. Previously, Graduate Student in Computer Science at University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

• Experienced Android Developer working in Kotlin and Java.
• 2+ years of experience working as a Programmer Analyst at Cognizant.
• Published Android Applications on Google Play Store.
• Experience with Android Design Patterns such as MVVM as well as Google Architecture Components.

Android Technology Stack: Java, Kotlin, Android SDK, Google APIs, Google Play Services, Dagger 2 Dependency Injection, MVP/MVVM, Firebase, SQLite, Architecture Components, Retrofit, Gradle, GSON, RxJava, OkHttp, Junit, Espresso, XML, JSON, Postman, REST APIs


Java - 4

Python - 3

Database Manipulation (SQL) - 4

Mobile Application Developer

Kotlin - 5

Android / Android Studio - 5

Google APIs / FireBase - 4

Web Development

HTML - 5

CSS - 4

JavaScript - 4


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Take a look at my recent work.

Apr 10th, 2020

Covid-19 Tracker

Application tracks latest Covid-19 cases across United States and displays State specific data. Built with Kotlin Android, the app fetches the data from an API sourced by the John Hopkins University. Implemented using Android Architecture Components, Retrofit, MVVM and Kotlin Coroutines

Mar 20th, 2020

CLT Central

Published on Google Play, the app lets you discover and view details of various events in Charlotte City and allows custom notifications and event reminders. Integrated REST API calls and database cache using Retrofit and Room Persistence Library. Implemented using MVVM architecture, Jetpack Navigation, GSON and LiveData

Mar 10th, 2020

Daily Weather Radar

Weather Application to view daily weather updates and forecasts with dynamic background changes. Integrated Search View with autocomplete location suggestions and filters. Implemented using Retrofit, MVVM, LiveData, GSON

Feb 15th, 2020

Stocks Live!

Stocks displaying application with real-time stock updates with data changes every 3 seconds. Consumes Websocket (ws) API using RxJava along with REST API and poll data changes to LiveData. Implemented using MVVM architecture and Google architecture components

Jan 20th, 2020

Sticky Notes App

Sticky Notes App is a note taking app in a sticky note layout. Implemented using MVVM architecture the new androidx libraries. Data is stored data locally in SQLite database using Room Persistence library, SQLite and LiveData

Dec 2nd, 2019

Backpack Planner

Application lets you create/join Trips created by yourself or your friends. Facilitates the user to add friends to the trips and interact using different Chat Rooms within the Trip Fragments. Implemented using Google Authentication, Firebase, Google Place API. Firestore Cloud Database and Jetpack Navigation

Apr 10th, 2019

Urban Trajectory Visualization

In this project, a prototype of a Visual analytics system for urban trajectory datasets has been modified to support data exploration and analytical reasoning with interactive visual interfaces. It allows users to interactively visualize and analyse the massive taxi trajectories over urban spaces.
The system should help the user to conduct visual analytics tasks through interactive visualization in an iterative, exploratory process.

Nov 30th, 2018

N-Queens Problem by Hill-Climbing

The N-queens problem originally introduced in 1850 by Carl Gauss. The goal of this problem is to place N queens on a N*N chessboard, so that no queens can take each other. Queens can move horizontally, vertically, and diagonally, this means that there can be only one queen per row and one per column, and that no two queens can find themselves onthe same diagonal. It is a computationally expensive problem - NP-complete, what makes it very famous problem in computer science.

Nov 30th, 2018

Analysis of Sorting Algorithms

Implemented some comparison-based sorting algorithms and observed their performancefor different size of inputs: Insertion sort, Merge sort, In-place quicksort (any random item or the first or the last item of your input can be pivot), Modified quicksort using median-of-three as pivot.
Achieved challenging goal to formulate algorithm with combination of Quicksort and Insertion Sort in Python. Analyzed & executed hybrid algorithm with 15% faster running time than Quicksort.

Sep 15th, 2018

Graph Algorithms: Single-source Shortest Path and Minimum Spanning Tree

The system finds the shortest paths in both directed and undirected weighted graphs for a given source vertex assuming there is no negative edge in your graph using Dijkstra’s Algorithm. Also, finds a spanning tree using edges that minimizes the total weight w(T) = ∑ (u,v)∈T w(u,v) using Kruskal or Prims algorithm to find Minimum Spanning Tree (MST).

Sep 16th, 2018

8 – Puzzle using A* Algorithm

The 8-puzzle is a sliding puzzle that consists of a frame of numbered (1-8) square tiles in random order with one tile missing. The goal is usually to place those numbers in correct numerical order. We can slide four adjacent (left, right, above and below) tiles into the empty space.
The more general n-puzzle is a classical problem which can be solved using graph search techniques. The problem of finding the optimal solution is NP-hard.

Dec 30th, 2015

BugFix - Replica of Stack Overflow

This system is a central repository, which act as broadcaster where every user can ask the question(s) from another registered user(s). In generalised way BugFix is an MIS application to computerise the question asking procedure.
Developed a central repository, which act as broadcaster where every user can ask the question(s) from another registered user(s) using J2EE, JSP & Servlets, MySQL